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Building apps on Google Sheets

Create apps that read and write from Google Sheets.

Let's say you've got a Google Sheets with rows of emails. We want a tool to send an email / call an API for each email. That's what we'll build, in 5 minutes.

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Here's the Google Sheet we're starting with:

And here's a video tutorial, if you'd prefer that:

Connect to Google Sheets

By default, Retool adds a Google Sheets resource for you. Even though you might not have connected your Google sheets account to Retool (which you can do by viewing the config screen for the resource and pressing "Connect to Google Sheets"), this allows us to query public Google Sheets!

Let's grab some data from Google Sheets by first selecting the *Sample GSheets resource. Since we haven't connected Google sheets yet, we'll have to specify the spreadsheet id manually. Use our spreadsheet id 1jQKcJQRgjBNzr2ZlKHJOGzv7HwSHJZOiYV0wQ9sx2EI.

After that, you'll need to specify a range for the data to grab - in this case my data starts at A3 and extends to column C - so I'll use A3:C for my range.

Querying Google Sheets

Querying Google Sheets

Press preview to take a look at the data - and once you're sure it's good make sure to hit save!

Displaying data from Google sheets

After that, we can render that data in a table! Luckily if you've saved your previous query, dragging a new Table onto the page from the left will get auto-filled with your Google Sheet's query!

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